For too long there have been few 'blueprints' for young women entrepreneurs - particularly African-American women entrepreneurs--to follow. While women are starting businesses in unprecedented numbers, many African-Americans are first-generation entrepreneurs, and there have been few role models for them to emulate and learn from.

The impact of African-American women in business is undeniable. According to the 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express OPEN, while firms owned by women of color are smaller than non-minority women-owned businesses, their growth in numbers and economic clout is generally far outpacing that of other women-owned entities. Businesses owned by African-American women led that growth, up 296% from 1997 to 2014, generating nearly $50 billion in revenue. It is, in a sense, a second Black Renaissance, creating what we like to call the '50 Billion Dollar Boss.'


African American Women Sharing Stories of Success in Entrepreneurship and Leadership 

 (Palgrave Macmillan)

African-American women continue to excel and shape society across industries. This book highlights several African American women entrepreneurs and leaders, recognizes them for their business acumen, examines how they creatively solved business challenges and identified opportunities to grow and sustain their businesses. Named a #1 New Release on Amazon; NAACP Image Award Nominee – Outstanding Literary Work – Nonfiction.

Supplier diversity ensures an open and inclusive competition for contracts during the procurement process, and the use of vendors of different backgrounds fosters a better understanding of a diverse customer base. Over the last decade the number of minority-owned firms in the US has increased 38 per cent. As the number of minority entrepreneurs continues to rise, these business owners have recognized the need for B2B opportunities, and supplier diversity programs that create the fastest path to scale and grow a small business.


A Driver of Entrepreneurship

 (Palgrave Macmillan)

This book provides an in-depth view of supplier diversity programs and how they have contributed to the meteoric rise of minority businesses. Incorporating expert advice from supplier diversity practitioners as well as empirical data, it looks at the emergence of supplier diversity programs, how to make them effective, and their future. Amazon Top 100 in Business Purchasing & Buying.

Make supplier diversity a top priority!

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are musts inside any business—but did you know you can demonstrate and promote your commitment to diversity outside your own four walls, too?

Supplier Diversity For Dummies shows you how to create inclusive procurement strategies and a “business-centric” program that ensures you’re offering equitable opportunities to diverse suppliers...

Supplier Diversity
for Dummies

Nationally recognized small business strategist and economic inclusion and supplier diversity expert Kathey Porter delivers an empowering and informative guide to implementing this integral part of any robust inclusion initiative: supplier diversity. You’ll understand the relevance of supplier diversity and why it’s important to encourage equal opportunity for diverse suppliers and businesses owned and managed by underrepresented groups. Amazon Top 100 in Business Purchasing & Buying.